5 Things You Didn’t Want to Know about Victoria BC


We’re fortunate to get to work as roofers in Victoria BC, as it’s an absolutely beautiful place. It has beautiful gardens, majestic mountains, and a scenic beach front. As beautiful as it is, there are a few little known side to Victoria. A side that you probably wouldn’t even think to ask about as a tourist and one that would concern you if you were a resident. So now let’s discuss these 5 things that you probably didn’t want to know about.

  1. The city is known as the city of the newlywed and nearly dead because it has almost no night life. That’s right, you aren’t likely to spend a night on the town in Victoria because even is asleep by the time a party is likely to get up and going. That’s ok if you are visiting on vacation, but if you are living there it might get a little mundane.
  2. On average, Victoria gets a visit from 50,000 tourists that only spend the day. That’s a lot of people that come to take in the gardens, but fail to stay the night. One could assume that it is because the lack of a night life, but there is no real reason known.
  3. The trans-Canada highway does run throughout Vancouver Island, including Victoria. Most people believe that it stops, but it keeps going and going. You can travel it and see many sights that you might miss otherwise. Make that a note – visit Victoria via the trans-Canada highway.
  4. There are so many bike routes in Victoria that you don’t even need a car. Seriously, you can jump on your bike at the ferry and go anywhere and everywhere that you could ever want to go. Think of all the beauty you will see with the wind in your face. This is probably a huge bonus for everyone that lives on the island. As a visitor, you could rent a bike and enjoy the perks of the bike routes. Imagine the money you save on fuel and car rentals.
  5. The number one thing you don’t know about Victoria was actually really big for the people living there. It was all over the news. People complained and the government had to respond. City officials went above and beyond. What was that problem? Well, it wasn’t crime. It wasn’t traffic. It was pollution. Everyday waste was being dumped into the ocean via the sewer systems. What did the city do? They installed filter after filter until everyone was satisfied that there would be no floaties. Yep, you read that right: The citizens wanted clean ocean going into the ocean and now they can honestly say they have cleaner waste than over 90% of the world.

Now you know. Even if the article accomplished nothing else, you have a little trivia to share with your friends while you are sitting around the fire on your next vacation. Enjoy knowing that you know something that no one probably would ever want to ask.