Beautiful Victoria

Victoria-Vancouver-IslandAs if Victoria, BC wasn’t beautiful enough, we also have the Butchart Gardens. These gardens are more than the average royal garden. They are a breathtaking piece of history. For 112 years these gardens have been a national treasure that are open to the public. Beginning in January, the gardens come to life every spring. The air is alive with the pulse of flowers, butterflies, and bees. It is a sight to behold and walk through. Plan an entire day, because you will want to savor the beauty before you join in afternoon tea. There is something for the entire family to do, even your furry babies are more than welcome to join, as long as you bring a leash.

Beginning in July, there is a magnificent firework show right in the gardens. There is live entertainment available before each show. While the show remains the same every Saturday, it does change yearly. Leave your smart devices and tablets at home, but grab your blanket to sit on. Pack a picnic or stop at the café, but don’t be late because the gates close when the parking lot is full. You can even arrange vip access to ensure that you get a good sight line. While pets are usually welcome to join you in the garden, remember that firework shows are loud and have a lot going on. Your pet may become stressed, so please leave them at home.

You will enjoy Victoria even if you don’t stop into the Buchart Gardens, but you will miss a huge event that highlights the what Victoria is all about. The friendliness of the city is highlighted by the atmosphere of the event. The excitement is high, with children playing in the grass and laughter in the air. Everyone settles on their blankets with anticipation high in the air as everyone gets silent. The fireworks are bright and high in the sky and are framed perfectly by the flowers in the garden. It is a sight to behold. It is what memories are made of. With all there is to do, this is one of the top attractions. People from all over the world plan their vacations to see the beauty of the Buchart Gardens and to take afternoon tea there. The tea service is like nothing else in the world.

Life is busy and sometimes our vacations are even busier, we need to take the time to stop and smell the roses, literally. The people of Victoria have seemed to take this idea and incorporated it into everyday life. Even though it is a capital city, Victoria is a family city. A place to go and enjoy a peaceful vacation and reconnect with nature. Life is only what you make it so make full of experiences that will mean something to the people you spend them with. The beauty of nature, the feeling of history, and the meaning of life all awaits you right there in Victoria, a place where you can breathe fresh air.