History and Tours in Nanaimo

roofers-in-nanaimo-bcWe’re fortunate to get to work as roofers in Nanaimo BC. As the third oldest city in British Colombia, Nanaimo has a rich history. Its story can be seen in the buildings and streets throughout the city. You can stop by the visitor’s center and pick up a brochure that will guide you through a self-paced tour of the city streets. The Palace Hotel on Skinner Street dates back to the 1900s. You can literally feel the history as you walk through it.

The Morden Mine Museum highlights the city’s origin as a port to transport coal. The mining history of the city is full of surprises, like hidden tunnels, to discover. You could head over to Pioneer Plaza and see the last piece of coal that was pulled from the mine in 1949.

During the summer, go visit the Bastion. It was built in 1853. You can hear the bagpipes and cannons as they are fired daily. Tours are only offered in the summer, but they are well worth the wait. You can see the evolution of Nanaimo from just a port to an entire city. From shipping and transport of coal to a place where people come to relax and enjoy nature.

You can take a tour of the cemetery. It will teach you about the lives and deaths of the original people of the island. Learn their story, learn their city, and learn what life was like hundreds of years ago.

If history just isn’t your thing, maybe alcohol is. There is a bar tour that highlights the tastes of the city. With wineries and bars right on the island, the taste is unique to the island. The Nanaimo Bar Trail isn’t just for the alcohol. You can find many local interpretations of classic food and coffee’s too. Find a new favorite at A Wee Cupcakery.

Even if you are trying to eat a healthier diet, there is a spot for you on the Nanaimo Bar Trail. Vegan, raw, and organic bars can be found throughout the tour. Take your time walking through the city, you will see the history all over the buildings, whether it is in the building itself or the decorations. The mild climate makes being outside enjoyable.

Of course, you could just enjoy nature without the tour. Visit Wildplay Element Park and create your own adventure. It is a 17-acre park that is located right on the river. There are many activities available to you. Enjoy a zipline, take a leap, or participate in the games, it is all up to how much you want to do and enjoy. Take your children, your pet, and pack a picnic. It is the perfect time to make up your own adventure and create new memories. Do something on your bucket list or create an all new bucket list, it is all waiting for you in Nanaimo. You have so many unique opportunities available that even if you go yearly, you will always find something fun and exciting to do.