In and Under The Harbour City – Nanaimo BC

Nanaimo-BCNanaimo being a Harbor City has its advantages. It means that you can center your vacation around the sea. What else could be more relaxing and refreshing? If you think that being on the sea means you are stuck with your toes in the sand and a drink in your hand, you are going to astounded. There is so much to do that is directly affected by the ocean that you may even decide to extend your trip by a few days.

Being on the Water

What better way to see the harbor as it would have looked to people coming over a hundred years ago than to take a boat tour. You can decide to hire a private boat for an intimate tour to treat someone special or you can join a main tour and see all the tourist attractions as they were meant to be seen. Plan your trip with a boat tour to start you off that way you can get an idea of what else you want to do while you are there.

You could also choose to be on the water in a kayak or canoe and go into places that few people get to see. Tour boats are often too big to get into the more secluded spots that kayaking or canoeing can get you into. See the natural world undisturbed by tourists and enjoy the quiet as it was created.

Being in the Water

If you want a more intimate experience with the water, you can choose to spend the day at the beach. Watch the kids play as you read a book. Tickle your adventure bone, go surfing. You can rent a surfboard from a nearby vendor or you can take surfing lessons, either way you are going to be in the water. No one can go surfing without getting wet.

You can also choose to go snorkeling. Feel as if you are floating on top of another world as you are looking in on the fish below you. You can even choose to snorkel with the sea lions. These playful critters are sure to keep you entertained.

Being under the water

Yes, you can go under the ocean. Imagine the sights that you will see while you enjoy the sea. Hire a dive instructor and go for a swim. See the nature wildlife up close and personal by becoming one with their environment. A good dive instructor will be able to show you the must see areas of the sea. Safety is always the priority, but fun comes into a close second.

Honestly it isn’t how you chose to enjoy the harbor city that is important. The important thing is that you have fun and enjoy yourself. Make memories with the ones you love or make it a getaway to reconnect with yourself. The choices are limitless. The only thing you really need to have a great day in Nanaimo is a good pair of walking shoes and your camera, everything else will fall into place.