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Proudly roofing Nanaimo BC for over 12 years, Ironwood Shake & Tile is a Nanaimo Roofing Company that provides environmentally friendly roofing products with a non prorated limited lifetime warranty.

From the summer heat, to the winter rains and snow, your roof is your homes first line of defence and endures extreme weather all year long. With a metal roof, you can be at ease knowing that it will last you a lifetime, and keep your family safe and dry.

Metal Roofing Nanaimo Since 2003

Our professional, local roofers in Nanaimo have proudly serving the area since 2003. Imagine, never having to replace your roof again. Metal roofing is the way of the future with some roofs lasting upwards of 100 plus years. You can live with ease knowing that Ironwood Shake & Tile’s metal roofing will stand the test of time.

The permanent metal roofs that we use are all manufactured in British Columbia, which means you can trust in the product that we supply, and that you’re reducing greenhouse gasses by sourcing a local product for your Nanaimo home or business.

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From south of Cedar, to well north of Lantzville, we happily serve all of Nanaimo, and all over Vancouver Island.

Flat Roof and Torch On

If you have a flat roof we also provide flat roofing construction and repair, also often referred to as torch on roofing.

A torch on roof protects the flat areas of your roof and provides exceptional strength and long-term durability.

Still wondering if an Ironwood permanent metal roof is right for you? Click here for even more Ironwood advantages!

Local British Columbia Manufactured and Installed Roof

If you’re searching for roofing companies in Nanaimo and are looking to update your roof before selling, consider installing a metal roof first. This permanent solution can add big value to your home and we’re happy to provide on site estimates.

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All of our roofers in Nanaimo BC are from Vancouver Island and they understand the importance of having a safe and secure roof over your Nanaimo home, and work hard to provide you with the very best in roofing services.

Can you imagine never having to repair or replace your roof again?

This is completely possible with a permanent metal roof, which can last up to 100 years and are an environmentally friendly solution that are perfect for British Columbia.

Unlike traditional asphalt shingles they do not require inspections or maintenance because they simply do not have the issues that come with other roof types. They do not grow mould, moss, nor are they subject to decay which again makes them perfect for West Coast, Nanaimo weather. They are sustainable in almost any weather condition and they are fireproof.

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