Nanaimo Kids Activities

nanaimo-roofing-companyIt’s not always all work and no play. As a proud Nanaimo roofing company we know that taking your children with you on vacation opens up many opportunities to get to know your child and to teach them about the world around them, and there are few better place to explore than Nanaimo BC. It provides away to teach them how to handle situations that they may not be familiar with. With that in mind, you need to choose a destination that will provide opportunities to enjoy themselves and not feel like they are being dragged around a destination meant only for adults. Nanaimo is one of the few destinations that you can find that will provide your children with fun opportunities. Here is a list of ideas that may interest you and your children.

  1. Morning Star Bison Ranch

This Ranch has kid approved activities that will light up their face. You will enjoy the tractor ride just as much as your child. They can even feed the bison. It is a unique experience that you both will remember to all times.

  1. Crab Fishing

The great thing about being on the bay is that you have the opportunity to fish right from the pier. Even if you don’t catch anything at all, the quiet and peace gives you a chance to talk to your children about what is important to them.

  1. Cedar Yellow Point Trail

There are many ways to fill your vacation day at Cedar Yellow Point Trail. You could visit a real farm, pick cranberries, visit a honey farm, or a hazel wood farm. Plan your whole day learning about where your food comes from. Plan a picnic or just enjoy being outdoors.

  1. Book an appointment for a play time at the Romper Room.

You can literally climb the walls. Your child will jump up and down with excitement when they see the activities list. With indoor play structures, you will have a blast no matter what the weather has to say about it. It will not be affected by the time of year that you choose to visit.

  1. Choose one of the four water parks to play in.

Spend the day jumping from park to park or choose a different park every day; the choice is yours. Think about how much fun you both can have enjoy the mild climate and soaking in the sunshine.

Think about all the great ways you can take your child on vacation. The point is to get out there and make memories. They are only little once. No one has ever looked at their child and said I spent too much time with them or wow it took them forever to grow up. The memories that you make now will help to structure them into the adults that you want them to be. It is your opportunity to make an impact on the future of the world. Make your opportunities count. You will never regret it.