Nanaimo – The Harbour City

Nanaimo-BCThe sights of Vancouver Island are magical. The natural beauty of the mountains and sea highlighted by city lights and a running river are something so unique that you hard pressed to find anything like it worldwide. The weather is mild and forgiving so that you want to be outdoors exploring. Nanaimo BC is no exception. It is the harbor city of the island. It stretches along the coast majestically. Its location allows it to host unique opportunities that make it the must see destination of the island. Unlike Victoria, Nanaimo has had little reason to be brought into the modern times. It isn’t without its five star hotels and award winning restaurants, but its historical district is the area you want to be.

With little changing over the last hundred or so years, you can literally walk parallel to the harbor in the same way as early settlers. The beauty is in the way that the city has been preserved. The harbor was originally meant as a place for trade and as a gateway into the island. While there are some top end shops still, the city has also added some museums that are geared towards being affordable and enjoyable. You can still travel to the island, but with all that Nanaimo has to offer, you may not want to.

Enjoy the great outdoors and the proximity of the sea while you are in Nanaimo. Take time and go kayaking along the coast. Being one with the water is an experience that you will not forget. You can also choose to canoe if that’s a better fit for you. There is the perfect surfing spots, too. You can take a surfing class that will show you how to stand up on the board. Rent a board or buy a board, the choice is yours.

Maybe being on the water isn’t what you want. Well, you have options there too. There is swimming beaches that will allow you to play in the water with your pets and kids. You can choose to watch whales from the harbor. You can even choose to be under the water by going snorkeling or scuba diving. See what lies beneath by hiring a diving instructor for the day, they will know what lies where and will make the best use of your time under the sea.

Shopping, water play, fine dining, spas, and five star hotels are not the only things that Nanaimo has to offer. You can also find some hiking trails that will take you off the beaten path and into nature. Hire a guide to help you navigate through the forest and up to the vistas, just do not forget your camera. There is really no reason that you have to limit your vacation to once or twice, the more you visit the more you find things to do and explore. Whether you want to sit and read a book or carve a path along the ocean, Nanaimo is the place you will want to explore.