Things To Do In Victoria BC

victoria-bcAs a roofing company in Victoria BC, we know the city is the place to go to if you want a vacation full of relaxation and learning. In Victoria there are plenty of opportunities to do both of them, whether you have a child in tow or not. In fact, you can easily spend a full week doing a different activity every day. Here is a sample vacation that will have ready to book your next vacation.

Day One: Golfing

Victoria has 18 different golf courses. Spend the day bouncing from golf course to golf course. You could also find one that has the perfect par for you. The point is to enjoy the beauty of Victoria while taking in some entertainment.

Day Two: Buchart Gardens

Buchart Gardens are beautiful. They house the flowers of the Queen. It is tended to perfection. You can enjoy tea service. In the summer, Saturday nights offers live music right before a grand firework show. It is pet friendly and child friendly. Pack a blanket and picnic and enjoy the beauty.

Day Three: Ride your Bike

Take a bike tour of the city. Victoria has bike routes that go everywhere. No exaggeration, there are kilometers of bike routes throughout Victoria. Take a self-paced tour or just take in the sights, all while getting some exercise.

Day Four: Explore all the history

Victoria is an old city. It has been a city since 1862. It has evolved as needed throughout the years, but it has preserved its history every step of the way. Take a walk through downtown and see the architecture. You could stop in the museums and explore all the documented history. The choice is yours.

Day five: Spend the day at the beach

Enjoy the sunshine on the beach as you watch the kids play in the water. Go whale watching or take a boat tour. In Victoria you have the option of enjoying the beauty of the sea without having to travel. You can even visit the sea lions at Race Rock.

Day Six: Go Whale Watching

Yes you can take a boat and go see the whales as they come in. If you have never done it, you will be speechless at the sight of these enormous animals. It is hard to really grasp their size until you do see them in person.

Day Seven: Go on a food tour

Everyone should go on a food tour at least once in their life. A food tour in Victoria is unique because the food is caught and grown right on the island. Very little is actually shipped in. The flavors are fresh and local.

So there you go, a full week of activities and you don’t even need to leace Victoria. The only problem is: there is so much more that isn’t even mentioned here. There is hiking in the mountains, fishing in the ocean, spas and resort, and museums. You could easily come once a month and do something new every single time that you visit, that is what makes Victoria wonderful.