Vacation in Nanaimo BC

It is definitely time to go on a vacation and what better place than Nanaimo British Columbia. Everyone is simply too busy, too plugged in, and too absorbed in work. The result is often that we feel fatigued, stressed, and just plain not well. We spend our days focused on a computer screen. The only outside time we get is when we walk from the car to the building we are going into. Our children miss us, or spouse miss us, and our pets miss us. So now what? We know we need a vacation, where do we go? I have five reasons you will want to visit Nanaimo BC.

#1 It is on Vancouver Island

That doesn’t sound like a great reason, but have you ever researched Vancouver Island? It is a magical place. They have farms, dairies, and wineries that don’t really export. You get food that is grown locally. It is fresh and delicious. The mountains meet the sea. Within minutes you can go from swimming in the ocean to climbing a mountain trail.

#2 The Food

All foodies are going to want to visit Nanaimo for weeks at a time. You get the amazing locally grown fruits and vegetables within miles of where they were picked. Pair that with the fact that you can go down to the public pier and catch your seafood, and you have the meal of your dreams. Meals that you literally cannot get anywhere else.

#3 It is kid friendly and pet friendly.

Few vacation destinations boast green spaces that are geared towards your kids and pets. From playgrounds that your child has only dreamed to parks with miles to run, everyone will be happy. Your kids will love to run, jump, climb, and slide for hours on Harbourside Playdock. Your pet will love the sights and smells all along the Waterfront Trail.

#4 There is so much to do

Start your day on a hike. Go up the mountain side, bring your camera you will want to document these views. Then go swimming in the ocean, or feed the otters. Take in the museums. Get an Arial view from a planeboat. Take a tour of the area on a boat. You will find something new to do every day you are there.

#5 The history

Go visit Petroglyphs Park. You will see the teaching rocks. Take in a museum and learn why Nanaimo is the Harbour City. You will be sucked into the mystery of the tunnels. You will learn so much about why this area is so important to the development of the island.

The natural beauty of Nanaimo is something that is indescribable. It is one place that you want to book your family vacations year after year. No matter how often you go, you will want to go again. It is the place to make family memories and highlight traditions that go back for years.