Vancouver Island is the ultimate vacation destination

Victoria-bc-roofing-roofers-companiesVancouver Island is the ultimate destination to spend your next holiday. It is a place that seems almost magical. The minute you begin to even research your trip, the island becomes the place that you must go to and see. It is not an exaggeration to say that there are a million things to see and do on Vancouver Island. It doesn’t matter what season you plan your visit, either. Snowboarding in the mountains or surfing on the ocean, you are going to find an activity to awaken your soul and free your mind. Isn’t that what vacations are for?

Campbell River

Campbell River is the most exciting destination for most visitors. You can plan an expedition to see the grizzly bears in their natural habitats or take a boat tour to whale watch. It is a city full of wildlife that is left wild. Parts of it you will need to go by boat or kayak just to get too. Leave your phone in the hotel and get completely unplugged.


Our Victoria BC Roofing company has been proud to call Victoria home for the last many, many years! Victoria has kilometers of bike riding trails so that you can tour the city at your own pace. The history is so well preserved that you feel like you have stepped into the shoes of the original explorers. The museums tell the story of Victoria and how it became the capital city. Enjoy tea at the Buchart Gardens. The feeling is one of peace. It is the place to take your family and enjoy some quality time learning about real events that happened right where you are standing.


Nanaimo BC is the gateway city. It is the harbour city. The original harbor to the entire island hosted the coal boom that brought settlers in the hundreds. You can see the impact they made or you can explore the area that engaged so many people. Of course, you could just use Nanaimo has a stop before you catch a ferry to the next destination, but you will miss out on some unique museums.


Stop in Courtenay and treat yourself to a little luxury. With award winning spas, this is the city to be pampered in. In Courtenay you have the options of many resorts so instead of just relaxing in the hot tub you can enjoy the outside. Snowboarding and skiing are the biggest draw to a lot of travelers. Then enjoy so hot cocoa by the fire.

Comox Valley

Comox Valley is unique in that it has the largest glacier on the island. It also is home to the falls that are eight times the size of Niagara. If that wasn’t enough, the driving tours are laid out to be relaxing and self-paced. You can find everything in this bustling little city. Fine dining to kayaking, Comox Valley has a ton of things to do.

There is so much that Vancouver Island has to offer visitors that it is of little wonder that the Island is on the top of so many people’s vacation lists. The important thing to remember is that there is a whole island to explore, so plan your vacation wisely.