Victoria, west coast fresh

victoriaWe live in a time where most of us are walking zombies. We float through our day with a phone in our hand, a laptop screen calling our name, and a list of things we must accomplish before the day ends. We start each day in rush to get things down. Everything is marketed towards making life easier and getting things down quicker. The top cities are known for their crime or their pollution, in some cases both a major problem. Travelling for work, whether across town or across country is often needed. We spend our lives in boxes, whether for work or travel.

However, there is a capital city in British Colombia that does not bring to mind neither pollution or crime. It is a city known for its gardens and green spaces. Victoria is that city. Even though it is a capital you will find so much more than just politics and buildings. It does have the needed parliament buildings and government spaces. You can find all the luxuries needed to work. You can also find culture.

The museums hold everything you would need to learn all there is about Victoria. From the aborigine’s art work to the history of how the modern city came to be, there are no secrets. They are proud of where they came from and are not afraid to teach everyone about themselves.

It is not a city that will make you feel out of place either. Victoria was named one of the top 15 Friendliest Cities in 2013. Keep that in mind when you are scheduling that must needed business trip. You will likely find a friend or at very least feel welcomed. You could also take the trip with your significant other. It is also named the #1 Most Romantic City in Canada, so prepare the perfect day for the two of you.

There are some beautiful city parks that allow you to take advantage of the temperate climate. Enjoy bathing in the sun and swimming in the sea. Or you can get some exercise by taking advantage of the kilometres of bicycle paths, bike lanes and bike routes in the city. Breathe is the fresh mountain air while taking a hike to see the panoramic views. There is nothing to hold you back except time, so plan a long trip to relax and get to know the city.

There are few places in the world that offer the peace and relaxation like the city of Victoria. You can feel the fresh air in your lungs and the peace of mind that comes with being in a safe and relaxing environment. Take the time and plan your stay around what you need, whether it is for work or play. The beauty is truly all around you in Victoria. Take a trip and stay for a day or a week. Plan several trips, you will never get bored in the city of Victoria, nor will you be ready to go home.