Victoria has it all

Victoria-BC-harbourIronwood Shake & Tile is proud to call Victoria home. What are you doing for your next vacation? Are you planning an exciting getaway for your entire family? Or maybe you are looking for an intimate setting for just the two of you? There is a place where you can truly find a way to do both. Victoria BC, is full of activities to do with your children and attractions that offer a cozy getaway for just the two of you. No matter what time of year you go, there is so much to see and do.

Just the Two of You

The spot where Victoria is situated provided the perfect atmosphere to take in the farm country, the sea, and the mountains. You can grab a blanket and picnic by the ocean. Make reservations at a cozy bed and breakfast that tours wine country. Enjoy the culture at its finest with exquisite wine tasting at the local wineries. You can take a bike tour around the city and get exercise. Of course, there is the horse and carriage tours that highlight the castles and monuments throughout the city. What girl doesn’t dream of a horse drawn carriage ride?

If you are foodies, then Victoria is definitely on your must go to destination list. There are guided tours the highlight nothing but the art of food. You can also choose to take a self-guided food tour, one that allows you to eat and explore on your own time. That maybe the way to go, after all there are some beautiful city parks to explore along the way.

For the family

Victoria is the summer is the place to be with children. The gardens come to life with beautiful blooms. The ocean is intriguing, whether it is for swimming or animal watching. You can visit Race Rock and enjoy the whales or visit the sea lions. You simply cannot miss the weekly firework show. The backdrop is the beautiful Buchart Gardens in Victoria. Plan an afternoon tea, but don’t forget to bring a blanket to sit on for the firework show. Right before the firework show, you have the option of enjoying live entertainment. Just please remember to get there early, the gates are open for only as long as they have room. This is a must see event, so it is going to get full fast.

There are a ton of museums all throughout Victoria. These museums highlight everything from the natural wonders that can be found on the island to the history of Victoria itself. The fossils and bugs will lighten every child’s face. It is fantastic to watch the wonder come alive within a child as they learn and explore the world around them. Take your time and explore, let the children roam. Take a bicycle tour around the city, there are kilometers of bike trails for you to explore together. Enjoy some hiking within the mountain trails while you are there take in the panoramic view of the city with the ocean in the background. No matter what you decide to do, Victoria will become your favourite place to vacation.