Victoria BC in the Spring

Victoria-BCThe city of Victoria has been hosting a fantastic, almost surreal, yacht race since 1930. It did not start of as the Swiftsure International Yacht Race, it was first named the Lightship Classic and then it was the Juan de Fuca race. It was renamed a few times, but eventually they settled on the Swiftsure International Yacht race. Let me tell you about this race. It is so full of history and excitement that it draws a crowd year after year. This isn’t a little race, but a full day event. The winds challenge the boats just as much as the currents. The yachts are of vary sizes, from the small to the elaborate. They command the attention of everyone that has a view of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. It is a sight to behold. The mono and multi hull vessels compete in a way that has you on the edge of your seat, right up to the very end. You cannot imagine the amount of training and power that goes behind commanding one of these vessels, yet they seem to slice through the water effortlessly. The captains and skippers also have the choice of five different courses.

There is a point on the Strait of Juan De Fuca called Race Rocks. This has to be the highlight of the entire race. The rocks are awesome in the spring. They are the place to be to enjoy the best of what nature has to offer in Victoria. You can see the whales coming in and watch them right from the rock. The thing is to remember that if you visit Race Rock you will have to be mindful of the sea lions that inhabit the rock. They are loud but beautiful.

Victoria is a city like no other. There are no words to describe the natural beauty of Victoria. It is like walking down a history book that has come to life. It is a peaceful city that highlights its history in a way that is warm and friendly. It has not completely stayed in the past, you can find all the amenities you would expect in a capital city. There are five star hotels and gourmet restaurants. You can find relaxing spas with state of the art equipment. Of course, you can dine at your favorite restaurant on the beach and surf the web while you watch people surf the tide. Yes, you can really do that.

From historic castles and yacht races dating back centuries to art museums and fine dining, you will find everything no matter what you are looking for. Even the young ones will have a blast walking through the royal gardens or touring the natural wonder museum. Let the beauty of the country side over take you as you ride your bike down the many kilometers of bike trails that line the city. You will find yourself planning your trip back as soon as you get home, because Victoria BC is the place to spend the spring.