Winter in Nanaimo BC

Nanaimo-BC-winterIt is never too early to start planning your winter vacation. A trip to Nanaimo in the winter can be just as exciting as a trip in the summer or spring. You just have to take the time to plan it out. The mountains are just as much fun as the water. While it is true that it wouldn’t be as much fun surfing in the cold; it isn’t as much fun to go skiing in the summer, either. Each season has its own gems of surprises.

The mountains offer skiing and sledding like no other place on the island. You can substitute your summer surfing with snowboarding and still feel the rush of adrenaline while you learn to control your board. Dog sledding is also a popular sport in Nanaimo, so take the time and learn all about it. It is an experience that you must learn about to truly appreciate. While you are on the mountain take advantage of the mountain trails and explore a little. There are even guided tours to help you get the most of your hiking trek, without putting yourself into danger.

If you really want to be in and around the water, there are still some options that are available to you. For example, you could still scuba dive, with the proper guide and equipment, of course. There is still some whale watching opportunities, as well as a visit with the sea lions. You have the option of taking a boat tour of the harbor. For an even better birds eye view, you will want to take an airplane tour of it all. The water planes land right in the harbor, it is quite a sight to see.

If the outdoors are too cold for your taste, you can take advantage of the fun things to do indoors. You can take a tour of the city’s museums. They are many art and history museums throughout Nanaimo that highlight the birth of the city and teach you about what keeps the city alive today. You have the opportunity to take advantage of Nanaimo’s rich arts district with the preforming arts buildings that have shows regularly. You may even find that you want to take plan your stay around what is going on in the city. There are many five star hotels that offer everything from fine dining to spa amenities. Take a day off and unplug. The choice is yours.

Nanaimo is well rounded and diverse city. You can find something fun and rich in history around every corner. It doesn’t matter what time of year that you choose to visit, you are going to have a blast. It doesn’t matter why you go just as long as you go. Nanaimo is known for being the gateway to the rest of the island, that doesn’t mean that you will want to use it a speed bump in your vacation, it simply means that you must stop and take in the sights. Just don’t be surprised if you end up staying longer than you planned.